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Pet Safe

  •  We have been working in the coatings industry for over a decade! Faced with the challenge of the litter box cleanup we experimented in the lab to see if we could make a safe, easy, and effective coating for the litter box. What we came up with is Litter Care® - a coating that finally keeps the soiled litter from sticking to the litter box and is also pet safe and environmentally friendly (this is for our own kitties, after all.)

  • The product is prepared using Tergosol, a non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally compliant, “green” solvent which fully evaporates after application. Upon drying, the treatment is safe for pets and their owners.

  • The dried product is made of  materials that are present in nature and can be found in food products such as vitamins and powdered drinks, as well as in cosmetics, toothpaste, and sunscreen. We have just formulated it in a way so that the soiled litter no longer sticks to the box!

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