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If you’re re too tired to read, watch this simple 1 min video. 

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Step 1 

  • Move outside with your litter box and Litter Care®.

  • Shake the Litter Care® spray and turn the nozzle to the spray position! 

  • Hold the sprayer about 3-4 inches from surface and spray on the sides and bottom of the litter box.

  • Allow the treatment to dry for five minutes.  

    • Do not overspray! If you see any cracking or flaking wipe with paper towel and re-apply.

Step 2

  • Once dry, fill the litter box with litter. 

  • Then your Kitty is ready to go potty in a fresh non stick litter box!

    • The use of Litter Care will allow you to use less litter since there will be no worries about sticky messes.

    • If you have an automatic litter box, spraying the rake teeth will also eliminate the sticky mess that can occur on the rake.

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Step 3

  • Once your litter box is soiled and you want to clean it out, slightly shake the litter box and nothing sticks! Scoop or discard soiled litter.

  • Clean as a whistle! No rinsing or scraping required! Works well with all standard litter boxes!

  • Repeat the cycle, it's that easy!

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