Product Description

The Litter Care Advantage:

Say goodbye to scrubbing your litter box!

Product Description:

Litter Care is a litter box spray that helps prevent soiled litter from sticking to the sides and bottom of the litter box pan, rake or scoops.


  • Makes scooping or cleaning your cat's litter box quicker and easier!

  • Soiled litter slides right out of box

  • Safe for pets!

  • Can be used on any litter box

  • Makes litter box cleanup easier, while using less litter

  • Made with non-toxic, environmentally safe ingredients

  • Dries quickly

  • Leaves a dry, pet safe film on litter box surfaces

  • No need to switch your current litter

Litter Care, litter box spray, with Daryl, one of our original cat testers.


Step 1: Move to a well ventilated area. Shake well. Push button on neck of spray head to open the sprayer. Hold the sprayer about 3-4 inches from surface and apply a thin, even coating on the sides and bottom of the litter box. Make sure that the entire surface has been lightly wetted for best performance. Allow the treatment to dry for five minutes.  Do not overspray!  If you see any cracking or flaking wipe with paper towel and re-apply.

Step 2: Once dry, fill the litter box with litter. The use of Litter Care will allow you to use less litter since there will be no worries about sticky messes. If you have an automatic litter box, spraying the rake teeth will also eliminate the sticky mess that can occur on the rake.

Step 3: Allow your cats to use the litter box as normal.

Step 4: Slightly shake the litter box and nothing sticks! Scoop or discard old litter.

Step 5: Dump it out. Clean as a whistle! No rinsing or scraping required! Works well with all standard litter boxes!

Step 6: Re-apply as in Step 1. Add new litter and you’re good to go!!