Product Endorsements

"I LOVE your product.  It has kept the litter box amazingly clean as there is no residue left on the side of the litter box when I remove a clump.  When I did a full litter box litter replacement, there was nothing sticking to the sides.  I am very excited for you to get this on the market so I can be sure to have it on hand."


"Just the other day I used your product for the first time.  So far I LOVE IT!!!!  It works exactly as you said it would.  Nothing sticks to the bottom, or the sides, where I used the spray.  You better start selling it soon. It’s GREAT!"


"Fantastic product. So glad we stopped to listen to you at the SD Pet Expo. My daughter was amazed on how well your product worked. She doesn't want it to run out. Great great product!"


"Honestly, I have no idea where to begin. My wife and I have three cats and four litter boxes, so we constantly go through pounds of litter. Ever since we used your product, we've saved an exponential amount of litter and cash. It's so worth it and I can't wait until it's on the shelves.  Thank you so much!!!"


"Thank you for letting me try the spray. My cats and I do like it. It was easy to clean up after them."


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"I have three large storage tubs I use for litter boxes. As kitties are very sensitive to smell, I used the sample on one litter box to see if they would deter from using it. Happily, there was not a problem. I must say, I enjoyed cleaning the one litter box with your product sprayed in it compared to cleaning the other two.  Very easy to clean out the clumps and bumps - no sticking. Awesome!!!"


"Your product is great.  Really works."


"I've used it for my rabbit litter boxes too and it really makes it easier to clean"


"So far, it's been good at keeping clumps from sticking and my kitties haven't avoided any of the boxes because of it, which is the best sign to me that it works. Also, just so you know, I do use a corn-based litter and a walnut-based litter (World's Best and Blue Buffalo) that are both clumping litters, and neither of them has had any issues with sticking to the box when I've used the Litter Care on the box, which is great (because that can really be a pain to clean).  I found that the product worked pretty well and I didn't have to worry about any ingredients hurting my cats, which was most important to me.  So, in the end, I

would definitely repurchase!"


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"I have 24 cats and kittens and as many litter boxes throughout the house.  Love time saving and less labor."

— D.B.